A Best Bees hive a private residence in Cambridge, MA

A Best Bees hive a private residence in Cambridge, MA

Our standard package includes all required hive equipment delivered to your (or your client’s) site. We supply and install bees, their queen, and any support they may require to thrive in their new location.

With each of these visits come routine updates to you (or your client) regarding the status of the hive, the strength of the colony, and any disease or issue that may need treatment.Our beekeepers will visit your hives on a routine basis (on average once a month, depending on hive condition, time of year, and other factors) to maintain your colony. They take action for swarm prevention, disease management or treatment, adding or removing equipment as needed to accommodate the seasonal variance in colony size.

This full-service package includes our guarantee of live, healthy honey bees. In these days of myriad diseases, Colony Collapse Disorder, pesticides, and higher colony mortality rates than in the past, hive deaths do occur. Should this happen The Best Bees Company will replace your bees as soon as bees are available.

Hive equipment for this standard package is produced in high quality pine, with all natural wax foundation and hand assembled frames.  Hive boxes are sent into the field in a natural wood finish with a spar varnished exterior, it includes a flat roof with a galvanized aluminum casing. The Best Bees Company does not use plastic parts or any unnatural materials or chemicals.

A complete hive set contains five hive items: one bottom board, three boxes, and one outer cover.  (Frames and an inner cover are included at no additional charge.)
Please be advised that all parts will weather over time outdoors. Refurbishment options are available upon request with refurbishment prices to be determined.


The Best Bees Company also offers full hive assembled equipment setup and a starter package of bees available for pick up at our Urban Beekeeping Lab in the South End of Boston. This option includes basic equipment and bees.


The Best Bees Company offers hourly consulting services with one of our beekeepers coming to your apiary to provide expert onsite assistance.

Standard package with equipment, delivery and installation, and management services:
Pricing is based on the geographic location and number of hives. Please consult with your Best Bees professional to determine a price.

Fresh, local honey!

Fresh, local honey!

Our client portfolio includes:

  • Homes, apartments, and other residences
  • Businesses, including hotels and restaurants
  • Landscape Professionals and associated businesses and clients
  • Schools and museums