Article Review: Add some honey to your lip balm

December 22nd, 2012  |  Published in Honey Bee Review

Written by Sophia Stone, Simmons College undergraduate biology studentpage1image1856

Fazliana M S, Seri Chempaka M Y, Zainah A. The potential application of honey in enhancing the acceptance of herbal lip balm. Malaysian Journal of Med Sci. 2007:14(1):115-116.

A study was done with thirty women in Malaysia to test whether or not the addition of honey in lip balm made it more accepted. The women used the lip balm for two weeks and rated it on a point scale. They rated the lip balm’s overall acceptance, aroma, smoothness, taste, texture, color, and spreading ability. Other observations included cracks in lips and mouth odor.

The results from this study showed that the lip balm containing honey helped to reduce mouth odor and heal chapped lips and moisten them. The researchers believe these results may be because the honey has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. The women in the study also liked the lip balm because of the color. The researchers found that as honey content in lip balm increased, the color became darker and the women liked it more and more. The researchers concluded that putting honey in lip balm makes a desirable and high quality product. This is because the honey enhanced the taste, color, and medicinal and nutritional properties of the lip balm.

I think this study is very interesting. I have had many lip balms containing honey and have enjoyed them. I think a flaw in this study is that there was no control group. I think it would have been better if there were two groups and one group received a lip balm with honey and the other group received a lip balm without honey. Then the lip balms could be compared.

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