The Best Bees Company™ delivers, installs, and manages honey bee hives for residents and businesses throughout eastern Massachusetts. We currently manage ~200 hives in rural, suburban, and urban habitats. Our profits fund our research to improve honey bee health, based out of the Urban Beekeeping Laboratory & Bee Sanctuary in Boston’s South End. For more information, watch our commercial (The Best Bees Company commercial, produced by Comcast)! Contact us at

The Best Bees Company is truly unique. We are the only organization that brings the amazing experience of owning a honey bee hive right to your yard and manages the bees for you. The bees, wax, hive, and ALL of the honey belong to you! We’re in it for the research funding to help discover ways to improve honey bee health.

Best Bees presents a unique opportunity to anyone interested in honey bees, either for their role as pollinators of over 130 crops, or because their population numbers are on the decline. Our beekeeping services provide Ph.D.-level expertise on how to reduce disease in honey bees, and also years of experience in practical beekeeping.

Honey bees improve garden productivity by increasing garden crop harvest quantity and quality. They also produce unique products in their honey and beeswax. See our “Bees” page to learn more about these vitally important creatures.

The Best Bees Company is based in the South End of Boston, MA. As such, we specialize in installing honey bee hives in densely populated, urban areas. We also offer our services to the Greater Boston area and Cape Cod. Our typical service involves delivery and installation of one or more honey bee hives to your property in the springtime, followed by an experienced, local beekeeper visiting your hive(s) about once each month for routine checks. We do not use any chemicals and so may be considered as an organic beekeeping service. To minimize concern over the more bothersome traits of honey bees (ouch!), we offer a free personalized consultation to each gardener.

Our research and services are internationally renown. We ranked second place in the 2010 MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition’s Elevator Pitch contest out of 306 competing companies. Our founder, Noah Wilson-Rich gave a TED talk in 2012 about the importance of urban beekeeping (see the About Us page for a link to the video). We have also been featured on multiple business websites, including Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Businessweek,, Science magazine, and more. In addition to over a dozen scientific articles published, we have our first book coming out in 2014, The Bee: A Natural History by Noah Wilson-Rich, Kelly Allin, and coauthors, published by Princeton University Press (US) and Ivy Press Ltd. (UK).

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